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At I’mpossible 365 we are motivated to promote awareness, interest and practice of sports activities in society, especially in people with functional diversity and/or at risk of social exclusion to contribute to improving health and well-being.


We are an organization in the Balearic Islands with Christian values, we have an international projection that accepts all people, whatever their condition, and helps them to develop their abilities to the fullest by promoting sport with purpose.

Práctica Deportiva
We promote interest in sports participation as a means of helping and integrating people.
With the work and projects we carry out because the purpose is to do it for people.
Democratically organized. Committed to transparency and equal rights and duties.
A selfless gesture changes the world. We win when we give for the good of those who need it.
Movidos por Fe
We are moved by faith that gives practical facts. Trusting that the effort and dedication get “impossible”.
Focused on helping those in need. Through our projects we connect people with people.