Advance vocational education in Guatemala

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  • 200€ Recaudado
  • 3300€ Necesario
  • 3500€ Objetivo
  • 6% Financiado

Creation of a computer training classroom

Thanks to the generous donation of 50 computers by a hotel group, it is possible to expand the project to create a school in the Potrero Carrillo village in Guatemala, creating a vocational training plan for young people in a sector as important as computers. We need your support to:

  • To be able to charter a container that accommodates 50 computers and all the necessary material for its start-up.
  • Pay transportation and tax expenses
  • Collaborate with the cost of teachers and school supplies for the first 3 years.
Esta nueva aula permitirá preparar a más de 30 jóvenes de entre 12 y 16 años para su entrada en el mundo laboral y permitir mejorar la condición social de muchas familias.

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