Strokes that feed Strokes that feed 1 challenge, 3 islands and 60h swimming. 160,000 strokes will feed 150 families. You can also participate You can also participate By being a partner, collaborator, sponsor or donating, we will make it possible. Advanced vocational education in Guatemala Urgent Cause Advanced vocational education in Guatemala. We need you to make it possible. Unestoppable Race Sport with purpose Play sports, participate to improve your life and that of those most in need.
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Spartan Race 2020

We were invited to one of the most demanding obstacle courses. And there we went ... to demonstrate that sport is not at odds with fun and that any time is good to collaborate and help

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27 Dec

Delivery tricycle for Susana

Thanks to the generosity of so many people and organizations, the tricycle could be purchased and delivered to Susana. Seeing your happiness is an

31 Aug

A tricycle for Susana

Rotundo éxito del evento solidario en favor de los niños y niñas con parálisis cerebral. El objetivo: conseguir un triciclo para mejorar el

7 Sep


José Manuel López, atleta español de ultra fondo, está en Guatemala para realizar algo que nadie ha hecho. Cruzar de costa a costa Guatemala.